Mendel's Kansas City BBQ Rub

Mendel's Foods • RaBBiQ

Mendel’s KC RaBBi-Q Rub is packed with flavor! With a touch of sweetness and kiss of heat this is a blend of high quality spices with no fillers or MSG.  Mendel's KC RaBBi-Q Rub is all natural, kosher and  can be used on whatever you are cooking;  beef, poultry, fish, even the other white meat! You name it!

While designed to be a traditional Kansas City BBQ rub, this seasoning will a add flavor dimension to anything that goes into your grill or into your smoker.  Used it creatively for just about anything, sprinkle some on popcorn, add a couple of dashes to your favorite dishes to kick it up a notch, or add it to condiments such as mayo to make a nice sandwich spread.