Mendel's Kansas City BBQ Rub

Mendel's Foods • RaBBiQ

Mendel’s KC RaBBi-Q Sauce is quickly becoming a crowd favorite. it's well balanced with a blend of quality ingredients and no artificial flavors, fillers or preservatives.

Like most KC sauces it is tomato based with a tang and just the right amount of sweet and heat in the finish that will make you want to put it on everything you can think of.

Mendel's KC RaBBi-Q Sauce can be used on beef, poultry, fish, even the other white meat, you name it.

With a lower viscosity than some other BBQ sauces you can also play around and mix it with another one of the sauces you like and dip, mop or glaze away!

It will add a flavor dimension to anything that goes on your grill, into your smoker or in the crockpot and of course you can  it can be creative with it, only one requirement, you need to share with us how.

For a nice little twist add some to your Bloody Mary!

The possibilities are endless, add honey if you want more sweet, add cayenne or hot sauce if you want more heat, or just put some extra rub in it.